Helping a healthcare startup to move into the blood screening market



Project Background

Healthcare startup Halo experienced rapid growth during the COVID-19 pandemic due to their efficient UK government backed PCR testing service.

As the demand for COVID testing declined, we partnered with Halo to help them move into the blood testing market, an area of rapid growth.

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How we solved the problem

We worked closely with Phlebotomists, Scientists, Clinicians, Product Owners and Senior Management in order to understand the problem space and business opportunity.

After a phase of research and discovery, we designed and tested solutions for a web-based Clinician back office and native app for Phlebotomists to manage and conduct appointments successfully.

Throughout the design phase, we tested regularly with rounds of rapid prototyping to ensure it met their needs and provided an optimal experience for end users.

We continued to test builds throughout development and worked closely with engineers throughout release cycles to support with implementation and feature enhancements.

Following its release, the app received positive feedback from Phlebotomists, primarily around its ease of use. This was reflected in reporting, with a 42% reduction in the time taken to complete tests on average (compared to previous methods).

Working with Halo has expanded the OxiWorks team experience with more healthcare tech projects.


User Experience Design
User Interface Design


Desktop Web
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December 2021

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